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lol funny youtube videeo!!!!

2009-07-07 11:44:55 by hordset76

lol watch this vidio, but make sure your parents arn't around to watch this awesome video. made by alvinYTP or Alvin Earthworm. ( oh alvin if your watching this, make the smb8 vid dammit).........

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Happy 4th of July

2009-07-02 00:12:09 by hordset76

i have to say june was the most depressing month of the year because micheal jackson, billy mays, and my next door neighbor all died. i went to my neibors furneral today and it was the most boring thing ever, that the army men's blanks woke me up...... Oh and i wish you a safe 4 of july and if you have suicidal problems, drink bleach!

Happy 4th of July

the white crystal!

2009-06-27 22:50:37 by hordset76

im thinking of making a flash with link and friends called The White Crystal. what its about is that link gets a curse from ganon that makes him turn evil when he gets mad (dark link) and the only way to cure him is a white crystal that is in the dark world where ganon is. all i need is flash 8 and voice people! so anyone who wants to help be voice, pm me or write in my blog......

the white crystal!


2009-06-04 14:33:16 by hordset76

hello and welcome to my blog! soon im going to make flash toons with my drawing skills, but i dont know how to do flash! please post some tips and pointers to help me with my career!