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Im a black belt!

2009-07-15 11:32:12 by hordset76

yep you heard me right, im a black belt in taekwando! meaning the use of the hands and feet in korean, i can kick anyones ass if i wanted to..... oh and look at my katana!

Im a black belt!


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2009-07-15 11:40:52

oooooooooooo so kool i wish i was oh i am but thats ok i also know mui tie and boxing but thats kool

hordset76 responds:

nice! i also got Kamas! they are sick!


2009-07-15 12:18:17



2009-07-15 14:34:07

congrats. but doesn't it mean the foot fist way?

hordset76 responds:

same thing, same thing....